Cloud Business Solutions

Deciding  the  path to your preferred virtualization is one of the great challenges an organization can face. Wrongly configured clouds are often money and time sinks, and often a cause of productivity bottlenecks. I have assisted numerous companies and organizations decide the cloud they should be using, picking the right offerings from the market leaders. Best of breed private and public cloud infrastructure deployments.

Additionally , if your previous move to the cloud was not as well planned and needs a review and reconfiguration, or , if you have decided that your company does not benefit from a cloud solution I can help you move away from your cloud and transition all your services back on premises, catering for  equipment and software provisioning.

I am working with , but limited to :

  • Microsoft  Azure
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Google Apps for Business
  • Amazon (via partnerships)
  • Rackspace (via partnerships)